RRR – “I, Racist” by John Metta

A former teaching colleague of mine linked to this article from his Facebook page over a year ago, when it was first published.  The message of “I, Racist” has lost none of its import over time, and is particularly salient in the wake of these latest police killings of Black men in Louisiana and Minnesota. The author clearly illustrates the problems Blacks face in speaking to White people about racism, and candidly presents the many facets of White privilege that allow Whites to deny, ignore, and protest the very existence of systemic institutionalized racism.

As a White person with an awareness of the existence of racism and a desire to dismantle the system, this article broadened my understanding and reminded me of my complicity in perpetuating the system if I am not actively fighting it.

I highly recommend reading this article and sharing it widely.


3 thoughts on “RRR – “I, Racist” by John Metta

  1. I treasure the wisdom of “I, Racist”
    I was wondering what you are doing to combat white supremacy. I’m just starting to really want to change, and I am looking for ideas. I had one idea, but it seems to have been mostly a dud so far (you can read about it in my last post if you’re curious, I no longer feel proud of it enough to bother explaining it).
    It’s really unclear to me what I should be doing, any inspiration helps


    1. Hi Katrina,
      I was a high school and middle school English teacher, so I had some avenues to help open eyes and broaden minds in that role. I think writing is important, and sharing others’ writings that ring true for you or that help shed light on the issues surrounding/perpetuating/enabling racist thought. In the U.S. right now, voting in the November elections is going to be a big way to make a difference. Questioning your assumptions, talking about race, acknowledging the existence of White Privilege. I’m not sure I have any great ideas for you, but keep thinking about what you can do, and keep talking and writing about race, and keep educating yourself.


  2. Regan, I just finished a book by Chris Hayes, A Colony in a Nation, about policing in this country, racial profiling and the systematic incarceration of black men. Hayes has a show on MSNBC week nights, “All In WIth Chris Hayes” and it is followed by Rachel Maddow’s Show.I think you’d appreciate his assessment of the problem.


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