A return

I’ve been away from my blog for awhile now, over three months, which seems like  both an impossibly long time and hardly a moment at all.

Time is strange.

This post marks a return to this space and this creative endeavor.

Along with many other happenings, I have been concerned that I wrote haiku using lines of 5, 7, and 5 words rather than that pattern of syllables per line that is the actual poetic structure. Whoops. I haven’t made the time to look back on my posts to see, but I think it’s funny that this worry has intruded into my life when so much else has been vying for attention.

We’ve moved.

I am now living in Texas, near Houston.

We’ve actually been here over a month now, which is pretty crazy. Our house in Tucson is still for sale and we are living in a temporary apartment. Most of our stuff is in storage, but the longer that is the case, the easier it is to believe we can live without it. Although, the Christmas decorations and the camping gear would be difficult and expensive to replace.

Some great aspects of this part of Texas so far: the moisture (though ask me about this in July, and I might not consider it great), the trees, the grass, and the sunshine (again, July might be a different story).

There’s more to say about the good and the challenges, but I’ll leave it for other posts. I’m hoping to return to writing more regularly (especially since I just revealed this blog’s existence in my holiday letter to friends and family).

Bye for now.




2 thoughts on “A return

  1. Hi Clare, Thank you for checking in. I have been a poor blog reader of late. I got your post about the third graders in my digest and laughed out loud. Will try to get over to comment properly. The move has been crazy, but all are safe and sound, and finally thriving, I think. Thank you.


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