Missing the Mark

Hmm. So.

I am behind on a few of my daily posts. This is because we went camping and had no internet access up the mountain. I will catch up before the end of the month. That is the plan. So there will be thirty posts for the thirty days of September.

But, right now, I am trying to figure out how to fix my last post, my Letter to Liam (#4).

I woefully missed the mark, somehow. My words offended his father. To him, my post made it seem like our son isn’t good enough. To Jim, my post sounded like I was apologizing because Liam is a boy. So, yeah, I missed the mark but good.

Because, of course, I am happy that Liam is Liam.

My intention was to express my regret that he will not have the opportunities I had as a Girl Scout. I was trying to communicate my sorrow over this because I had such positive experiences in scouting.

I certainly did not mean to imply that Liam was lacking in any way. Maybe my post was meant to subtly suggest how society may be lacking because these opportunities are not available for boys, except at the expense of subjecting oneself to the religious dogma of the Boy Scouts.

I will say that I think there is value in same-gender groupings, so it isn’t that I wish Girl Scouts was inclusive of boys. I guess I’m just ticked at the Boy Scouts for being so inferior to the Girl Scouts.

Anyway, Jim suggested some revisions, but I just can’t seem to make them work. I lose the rhythm of the post with the alterations, and somehow the message doesn’t come through in the same way.

Jim would probably say that’s a good thing, since the message he got was not what was intended.


I missed the mark, but I am not sure how to find it, how to steer closer to it. So, this is what I have managed, discussing my failure to find the right words, until I am able to find them, and fix the letter.

UPDATE – Letter has been fixed! Hallelujah!


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