Decluttering, Part 2

I didn’t start with the office. Too big of a job. I started in the bathroom with the decluttering.

I thought it made sense to actually experience some success first, to sort of keep me motivated. And I was right. One of my decluttering guides, either the book or the Inspired Everyday Living sisters, suggested I just suck it up that I spent the money on something I’m not going to use and get rid of it. I managed this in the bathroom, throwing out a practically brand new bottle of shampoo that I bought in a pinch and which I didn’t at all like, Then I threw out the shaving cream that I never used, and I purged a couple bottles of smelly body lotion that I liked, but never seemed to actually put on. See, this decluttering isn’t so hard!

My guides also suggested getting rid of gifts that you don’t want or aren’t going to use, assuring that it doesn’t lessen the value of the gift or the appreciation you have for receiving it. I did this with some bubble bath I got years ago. I’ve hauled it around to four different states and still never used the stuff. Out it went!

There’s more I could and should do in the bathroom, but I moved on from there.

Jim and I went through his hanging clothes and some of mine, and weeded out a few grocery bags worth of items to donate to Goodwill. I even managed to drop them off so the bags didn’t add to the clutter. Then I kind of stalled.



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