Blog Expansion and Organization Questions

One of the features I like about Facebook is how your friends can share links of interesting reads. I have been directed to some fabulous articles this way. I don’t really do FB myself. I don’t write statuses or post photographs. I don’t check in or like businesses. I will occasionally comment on friends’ photos, or send a private message to a friend, but that’s about the extent of it. Aside from being a bit of a voyeur, and reading other people’s statuses, looking at their photos, and reading the articles they have linked to.

Sometimes, when I’ve read something interesting, though, I lament the fact that I don’t have an avenue with which to share it with others. And now that I am a member of the blogosphere, I am exposed to even more excellent writing. (I truly feel embarrassed that I had no idea there was so much interesting, informative, creative, and diverse material available.)

Anyway, so I am pondering adding some sort of regular post (bi-weekly, perhaps) that gives a link and a little blurb about any excellent posts or articles I’ve read in the past however long. I’m sort of brainstorming here. Would it make more sense to have one post with multiple links, most likely covering different subjects, or would it be easier for each post to discuss a singular article and include the link? I’m trying to imagine how a reader might use this info. If you wanted to be clued into a good read about education, for example, you wouldn’t want to have to look through every post to see if there was an education article, you’d want to be able to search on a tag, right? Hmm. Or maybe if all of these posts had a common title and were pulled onto their own page, but then had a subtitle which gave information about the categories of articles/posts included, would that work better?

Bloggers of the Universe, I need your help. How did you decide what separate pages to add to your blogs? How did you come to discover the ways you have organized your blogs? How have you tried to make your content more accessible to readers?

Thank you, in advance, for sharing your collective wisdom.


One thought on “Blog Expansion and Organization Questions

  1. Personally, I’d like to see a specific post with a link to what you found interesting. Perhaps with a blurb about why you found it interesting. Then tag it and also have a separate page that lists them all similar to the “Daily Prompt” page you have.


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