Made by My Hands (and Sewing Machine)

I am not a seamstress.

I do not pretend to be one.

I own a sewing machine, but we haven’t spent a lot of time together.

Still, when I saw that there was an opportunity to take a doll-making class, for the benefit of my child, I signed myself up.

It is good to do things that are difficult. It is good to be pushed out of your comfort zone. It is good to get to a point of frustration, and then work past it. It is good to complete a task that you started, even if it takes longer than originally expected.

I can say these things because my two dolls are finished.

What started out (in May, mind you) as only bags of wool and millet and pieces of fabric were transformed by my hands (and sewing machine) into sleeping baby dolls. Not without a lot of input and assistance from the expert doll-makers leading the workshop. Not without a lot of encouragement and support from the other folks attending the workshop and making their own dolls. But still. I did it. I made these lovely keepsakes, these natural toys, these one-of-a-kind treasures.

IMG_5317IMG_5321IMG_5323 IMG_5324  IMG_5320IMG_5708

And Liam loves his.


I feel good.

I feel empowered.

Which maybe sounds silly, even to my own ears. But, it’s true.


4 thoughts on “Made by My Hands (and Sewing Machine)

  1. I’ve found myself feeling empowered when I complete a project. I definitely still feel it thinking on all the work we did on the house. That feeling of accomplishment may be the best reward there is.

    That doesn’t mean I’m particularly thrilled to do it all again, though. Maybe the next house we buy should be finished.


  2. I’m enjoying catching up on your posts, Regan, and just had to stop reading to say I agree with you on the empowerment that making something with your own tools and your own hands can make you feel. It’s so satisfying, to feel capable in this way, and I think we don’t get enough of it in our technological culture. Those dolls are going to be special forever. How AWESOME Liam gets to love on one his momma made him.


    1. Thanks for stopping by and reading, CurvyLou! And special thanks for commenting! I am on to a new doll-making adventure, a mermaid! Started today. It really does feel good to create something out of nothing. And it’s somewhat therapeutic, too, to be able to leave all of life’s distractions for awhile and lose yourself in your task.

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