Sweet September

September is my birthday month. A good one, I think, though perhaps everyone feels that way about their own. Growing up in Iowa, September meant a cool down from the ninety degree heat and humidity of August. It meant the leaves would lose their green and try on shades of orange, rust, and red. The wind would pick up and evenings would make you think twice about going outside without a jacket.

In high school, early September meant the end of two-a-day volleyball practices, the blessed beginning of the school year, and a whirlwind of twice weekly matches and tournament weekends. It meant football season and marching band, a homecoming dance and homework.

As a teacher in Minnesota, September was bittersweet. The Great Minnesota Get-Together, the State Fair, wrapped up over Labor Day weekend, and ushered in the new school year. Summer’s respite was over and every food you ever wanted on a stick, from bacon to Twinkies to stuffed Italian meatloaf, was gone with it (at least until next year).

So far this year, September will bring a month of blog posts for me, a Labor Day barbecue with friends, a job interview for Jim with a company in Maryland, a camping trip on Mount Lemmon, and an 18-month wellness check for Liam. Sweet September.



One thought on “Sweet September

  1. You’ve struck a nostalgic cord in me. One of my favorite times of the year has been that transition into fall. Albeit bittersweet in my youth, I’ve grown fond of those sunset colored trees and slackening anger of that Minnesota State Bird, the mosquito.


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