Trying to Get Unstuck

I’m stuck. I have five posts saved in draft ranging in length from a title only to almost 700 words that aren’t quite good enough to publish. I haven’t published since the middle week of the June Blogging 101 course, and here we are at the end of week one of the July course.

One of my draft posts my dear husband says is too much of a downer. He might be right. He also commented that he thought my blog was going to be more Liam-centric (Liam is our fifteen-month old son). I had thought so, too, but my father has Alzheimer’s Disease, and I am thinking about that a lot these days, so wanted to write something on it. (That post is still in draft.)

Plus, I’ve been trolling The Commons and reading and reading (and therefore NOT writing), and have come across blogs where people are writing about topics I want to write about, too, like teaching, racism, and young adult literature (not necessarily together, though I CAN imagine a post combining them).

So now I wonder if I have too narrowly defined my blog. Can I make my blog be all things to all people? (Just learned via Google search that this is a Bible reference. Huh.) I don’t mean that literally, of course, but can it be a place where I write about all of these different topics for perhaps completely different audiences?

Well, it certainly can’t be if I don’t actually ever write and publish anything.


26 thoughts on “Trying to Get Unstuck

  1. Your blog doesn’t need to be so narrow. When I first started, I was going to post my fiction stories. I want to write, but I don’t know how to write for others, so my blog expanded to video games, television, music, etc. I only have two original stories on my site and one of them is a web comic.

    I don’t consider that a failure though. I consider that a great experience. I have reviews, musings, anecdotes, stories, and slices of my daily life. If anything, think of your blog as a scrapbook of sorts for you and your family.

    You’re gonna look back at this a year or two from now and be like, “Whoa, I’ve changed so much. I don’t even remember that!” 8′)

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  2. A little advice, just think that a blog as a personal diary. You are free to write about your thoughts, your opinions, or whatever you want to write. Never bothered that your posts are not good, because you are writing for yourself, and if somehow people read your posts then it’s a “plus” for you. Keep your spirit up and i hope i’ll see you around in blogging 101.

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    1. Thank you for the encouragement. You’re probably right, that I do need to take myself a bit less seriously. And it’s true I did sort of set out on this journey for myself.


  3. The great thing about blogs is that you can define them how you like. If you want to write on specific themes you can. I’m considering, in addition to posting fiction, adding a beginning and end of the month discussion to address other things that come up. I think you can find ways to integrate a host of different topics. Happy writing!


  4. Write about what you want to write about. Nobody is expecting anything different. If you’re happy with the post, whatever the topic may be, post it. My blog is really broad-based and maybe someday it will have more of a focus, but right now this is working for me. I’m enjoying it, and it gives me freedom to explore all of my thoughts.


    1. Thank you. That is good advice. I’ve always hated the adage that writers should write about what they know; I feel that’s far too limiting, but I do think it makes sense to write about what I want to write about. And I do enjoy the broad-based blog, like yours.


  5. In reading this post, Regan, I’ve had occasion to consider my own blog; it’s strengths and weaknesses, and found myself in much the same position as you find yourself. I’ve been on WordPress for 6 years and have managed to publish a grand total of 64 posts; not a great deal of production from one who fancies himself a writer, but then I doubt any writer is satisfied with his/her output.

    Life is too varied an experience to limit yourself to only one or two topics. Your “trolling” of the Commons should tell you there are many “out there” who share many of your “enthusiasms”. That is not to say you should write only for them. Write for yourself; what pleases/displeases/excites/interests you. Those who share your “enthusiasms” will draw strength/inspiration/reassurance, maybe even courage from what you write.

    Your life thus far (according to your profile) has been full of experience: teacher, explorer, mother, wife, caregiver. The vistas are only now opening for your exploration. It would be a mistake to second-guess yourself now. -S-


    1. Thanks for your comments, Steve. Somehow, it makes so much more sense to not limit myself to one or two topics when I hear it through others’ voices than when I consider the idea in my own head. I had even been contemplating multiple blogs for different subjects, and that’s just too much of a task to undertake when I am struggling so with setting up one blog.

      I’m glad my post gave you an opportunity to reflect on your own blog. Your writing is so thoughtful, and if that takes time, so be it (though I had found myself a bit worried about you, not seeing a new post in my email in awhile; but then your post about the SC massacre really made the wait worth it – I’ll have to get back to that to comment at some point).


  6. I also sometimes feel a little stuck in blogging. I’ve found it helps to brainstorm ideas and write every day, whether or not I post it publicly. This way I seem to write more freely. I wish you luck in getting unstuck 🙂


    1. Glad to hear I am not alone in this. I do find myself thinking about writing a lot more with the advent of my blog; topics and post titles floating around in my head. I should get into the habit of writing each day. Thanks for the suggestion — and the luck. 🙂

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  7. I think you can be “all things to all people” in this blog. I love your title and believe it hints at just that: you will be discussing growing and living. I’ve found as I’m trying to start up an “all-purpose” blog that it is much more difficult to have a blog without a narrowly defined topic, so I understand (I think) why you have so many works in progress. Keep going! I love what you’ve done with the place! 🙂


    1. Wow. Thanks. It is great to have feedback about the title. I’ve been a bit unsettled about it, but maybe it’s the tagline that needs the update. I might have to steal your words (“growing and living” feel very right). I appreciate your stopping by and having a look around!

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  8. This is your place. You should write what you feel needs to be written here. My comment was ill considered. By writing what you think, feel, hope, dread- all those things that circle in your thoughts- by writing those things here you are giving Liam something very precious: a truthful glimpse into his mother’s mind.

    The post about your father was melancholic, but it’s a frightening disease. I tried to inject levity into that post when you showed it to me, but perhaps that’s wrong. Perhaps facing the unrelenting deterioration of a loved one’s mind must be with grace and elegance and not with the crude attempts at immature psychological defenses I tend to use. I’ve heard, or read, that a person has not fully come into themselves until they have lost their parents. It is a frightening prospect when it occurs suddenly. But drawn out, over years, to watch the person you loved fade away, is heartbreaking. And I know what frightens you the most about this, I think. That should be written, as well.

    No matter what you decide, know that I am here for you and I support your efforts not just with writing, but everything else you do. That includes the laundry.


  9. Hi Regan, I have about 6 blogs started also. I want to write about complex issues, issues that are far too important to be rushed, so I am aiming for quality not quantity. My blog is broad – things that matter to me. On reading your about page via Blogging 101 we have a lot in common and so I stopped by to read your blog. I’m living through challenging times with my mum also. Ironic for me as I direct a dementia research programme. As part of my work I have created some fun films about memory loss and dementia that also give some practicla advice about brain health. You or your family might find them useful – – yes I said ‘fun’ the first one ‘Can your memory go completely?’ might give you some comfort regarding your interactions with your dad. Sabina xx


    1. Hi Sabina, Thanks for stopping by to read a bit. I am sorry to hear about your mom. And fascinated to learn you direct a dementia research programme. I have been trying to educate myself using online resources such as and I just looked at your listing of videos and they seem very accessible and helpful. I will forward the link to my family and spend some time watching. I recently read an article about a new drug made by a company called Biogen that was promising in early clinical trials. Too late to help my father, but perhaps when and if my time comes. What aspect of dementia does your programme research?


  10. Regan thank you for this. It seems to me that everytime I am being plagued by something regarding my blog I come across little gems like this. These gems have two purposes: one is to reaffirm that someone else feels the same way and the other is to provide an answer.


  11. There’s so much good commentary and advice here, I’m not sure if I can add to it, but I will say I started out with a similar frame of mind, that my blog would be a textile blog, with a post on ASL or bellydance here or there. Textile craft is still my core theme, but over the months, as life happened, the blog expanded to include more and varied subject material.
    For me, reading blogs is about more than reading for just one subject. I like to feel like I’m getting to know the writer, and learning little bits and pieces of their lives, outside the blog’s main theme. Expanding my subject material felt like the right thing to do, for that reason. And some of my posts,
    the Letters to Asher ones, were definitely downers.
    You write really well, and I’d bet anything you care to offer would be well accepted here. I noticed you haven’t posted in a while. I hope we get to see more of what you’re doing and thinking. And thank you for following my blog. (:


    1. Thank you for the praise, and you’re right, I have not posted in awhile. I need to recommit, perhaps re-enroll in Blogging 101 or something. And I agree with you that reading blogs is not just about subject matter, but about a connection with a writer and that person’s voice and life perspective. I enjoy your blog – I know nothing about textile craft; it is fascinating!

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