Here Goes Nothing

Hello, and welcome. My name is Regan; that’s with a long E, NOT like former President Ronald Reagan, but former treasurer Donald Regan, and anyway, it’s my first name.

I am in my forties–it’s weird to say that–and have been happily married for five years now.  If you read my blog for long, you’ll likely learn more about my wonderful, supportive partner, Jim. He often leaves his thoughts in the comments of my posts. Together we somehow brought Liam, this amazing being, into the world, and I am Mom to a now 15-month-old son–it’s weird to say THAT, too.

I have two furkids: Bennet is an eight-year-old Snowshoe cat, named after Elizabeth Bennet, protagonist of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, and Sam, a four-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback named after Frodo’s most faithful companion, Samwise Gamgee in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy.

I live in Tucson, Arizona right now, but hail from the Midwest (Iowa) originally with time spent in New York (Long Island and Astoria) and Namibia (as a Peace Corps Volunteer). I’m a former high school and middle school English teacher, now staying at home with Liam.

I am wishing I had chronicled more of his life, well, more of my feelings during the course of his life (beyond just the sleeping, eating, and pooping schedule), so that’s why I’m here. I would like my blog to be a place where I can ruminate on the big ideas around parenting and aging and being a good partner and person.

I want to create something that my son can read when he’s older to know me better, to understand the reasoning behind some of the parenting decisions we’ll make, to know that he is loved, and that I take this job of being his mother very seriously.

I keep a daily journal, but there seems to only be room to write what we did each day, not so much how I feel about it, or the bigger issues I am thinking about, so that is what I plan to use this space for.

I didn’t initially think too much about my public audience, but now I am excited to connect with other people out there who might be like-minded or who will challenge me to look at issues from a new perspective.

Thanks for reading, and please follow along as I compose my thoughts about my life experiences for public consumption. It’s a scary prospect for me; makes me feel vulnerable and exposed, but that is the reality of writing, so here goes nothing…


9 thoughts on “Here Goes Nothing

  1. Thank you! It’s never too late to start; I’m sure your son would appreciate reading some of your thoughts about his tween years and beyond as well as your recollections of his earlier days.


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